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Private Catalog

Provide Your Best Customers with a "Premium Customer" Experience

For most industrial businesses, growing and maintaining strong customer relationships is essential to the success of their business. Additionally, the ability for buyers to find the product information they need and make an online purchase is growing.

How do I get my existing customers to keep buying from me?

This presents several challenges for industrial companies with complex customer agreements who want to move their business online.

  • Does your business offer your different customers different pricing?
  • Do you provide different terms for certain customers?
  • Do you track and manage special part-numbers for certain premium customers?
  • How do you manage these different relationships and still provide excellent customer service online?

Give Customers a Personalized Online Buying Experience

ThomasNet Web Solutions can provide you with the ability to offer your premium customers private access to their own online product catalog. Now your best customers have the ability to access their own pricing and terms, and product specific information within their password protected catalog. The Navigator Platform's Private Catalog technology is an optimum way to address the needs of your premium customers through an effective web strategy that provides your buyers with the:

  • Ability to log into their own account to view their own personalized pricing, part-numbers, and product content
  • Ability to login to their own storefront page
  • Ability to provide fields for a customer's specific information and notes

Private Catalog

The Navigator Platform takes the power and detail of your online product catalog and customizes it to meet the needs of your most important premium accounts. Enhancing your premium customers' experience will improve your relationship with these key accounts by increasing the level of customer support with this important "valueadd."

The Navigator Platform's Private Catalog Technology

  • An online tool that helps increase sales and reduce customer services costs associated with processing orders from existing customers
  • Tools to manage different pricing and customer part-numbers online
  • Provide value-add for large customers who purchase with tiered pricing based upon quantity discounts

Private Catalog

Login to password protected storefront to see Private Catalog prices.

Private Catalog