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Interactive Exploded View Diagram

Simplify Replacement Parts Sourcing

How can I make it easier for my customers to find the right replacement part when they often don't know the part number?

In a highly competitive market that ranks customer service as one of the top factors in the purchasing decision, your goal should be to leverage the Internet to enhance customer satisfaction while improving your overall efficiencies.

If the products you offer require the need for replacement parts, accessories, or consumables, you may deal with many challenges that impact customer satisfaction and internal efficiencies such as:

  • How can I help improve the labor intensive and time consuming task of identifying damaged or broken parts for my customers?
  • How can I make it easier for my sales and customer service departments to support customers?

Interactive Exploded View Diagram

Interactive Exploded View Diagram, Powered by the Navigator Platform

Powered by the Navigator Platform, this application allows a user to easily find a replacement part, accessory or consumable using a visual interface. This enhances customer satisfaction and increases sales by allowing the customer to easily identify and select an individual part within a complex assembly, ultimately to simplify the ordering process.

The Interactive Exploded View Diagram can help your prospects and customers by:

  • Utilizing an easy-to-use, visual interface to identify replacement parts and accessories
  • Clicking on a part in a diagram and be directed to the part's detailed information
  • Accessing full product detail to order or request a quote, in one single-click

Business Impact

Reduces the amount of time spent on the phone trying to identify a particular replacement part.

Increase Sales and Solve Critical Business Issues

Powered by the Navigator Platform, ThomasNet Web Solutions Interactive Exploded View Diagram is unsurpassed in the industrial market and is designed to engage each user in the ultimate industrial buyer experience online.

A complete web strategy, utilizing the Interactive Exploded View Diagram can help your business:

  • Increase sales of replacement parts, accessories and consumables
  • Provide superior customer service online
  • Reduce costs and increase internal efficiences

It's the combination of our experience with over 2,000 customers, our rigorous research in industrial user behavior online, and over 110 years of expertise in industrial marketing that allows ThomasNet's Navigator Platform to continue to drive results for our customers.

"ThomasNet's technology makes it easy for us to help our customers and distributors find exactly what they need, as soon as they need it."

Carl Schneider
President of Axxis

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