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e-Commerce & Online Merchandising

Drive Sales Around the Clock with a 24/7 Virtual Sales Force

Although many industrial businesses have turned to the web to drive sales, most haven't maximized their opportunity to engage customers and prospects through the entire buying experience. There is an increasing demand for industrial buyers to be able to purchase industrial products online, and leading industrial companies are succeeding by taking advantage of this trend.

More than 55% of buyers purchased industrial products online.

Source: ThomasNet/Google Survey

The Navigator Platform's e-Commerce technology gives you a competitive advantage by allowing industrial buyers to purchase directly from your website.

  • Turn your website into a virtual 24/7 sales person with the ability to drive sales around the clock with the power of e-Commerce
  • Provide customers and prospects with the ability to buy products, accessories, consumables, and/or replacement parts online
  • Empower your customers with secure, Internet-based purchase and credit card processing solutions – proactively manage, authorize and settle transactions in real-time
  • Manage your e-Commerce activity right from your desktop without powerful, easy-to-use content management tools

Make it Easy for Your Customers and Prospects to do Business with Your Company

It's time to provide your company with a competitive advantage. Developing and implementing a complete web strategy that provides immediate purchase options right on your website will allow you to positively impact your business.

Now you can increase your customer base regionally, nationally or even internationally and drive sales.

e-Commerce and Online Merchandising

Build your complete web strategy on the Navigator Platform and drive sales around the clocks by providing immediate purchase options to your customers right on your website.

e-Commerce and Online Merchandising

Shopping Cart Functionality:

  • Volume discount price adjustment
  • Quick ordering for customers who already know your part-numbers
  • Automated shipping calculations for UPS
  • CVV card support for credit card holders
  • Capability to leverage payment processing benefits
e-Commerce and Online Merchandising

Cross Selling Functionality

  • Promotional cross-selling for accessories, related items, replacement parts, and consumables
  • Timed promotional offering
  • In-cart up-selling of accessories, related items, replacement parts and consumables
e-Commerce and Online Merchandising

RFQ Negotiation Functionality:

  • Secure RFQ submission of one or multiple items
  • Negotiating pricing through RFQs
  • Creating different pricing based on customer' needs
e-Commerce and Online Merchandising

Advanced e-Commerce Capabilities:

  • Private customized catalogs that provide password access for premium customers to their own pricing and part-numbers
  • Distributor syndication e-Commerce that gives distributors' website the same rich product content and functionality that's available on your own website
  • Automated shipping calculations for UPS
  • Credit and purchase payment solutions that deliver secure Internet-based purchase and credit card processing solutions
  • Internal systems integration allowing seamless integration of your online e-Commerce with the internal systems that manage your business