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Custom Manufacturing

Coalfield Services, Inc
Coalfield Services, Inc specializes in providing the turn-key design, fabrication, and construction services necessary to install ventilation fan, personnel elevator, hoisting and material handling systems of all types for the mining industry and general industry applications. They can also provide a highly skilled labor force to perform preparation plant, power plant, or mine maintenance on a routine basis or during scheduled shutdowns.

Blaz-Man Gear, Inc
Blaz-man Gear, Inc provides services for Custom Gear Manufacturing, CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Gear Hobbing, Gear Shaping, Bevel Gears, Thread Milling, Grinding, and Gearbox Services. They focus on the Power Generation, Automation, Food, Construction, Mining, Railroad, Textile, Sewage Treatment, Materials, and Crane Manufacturing sectors.

CDS Plastics, Inc
CDS Plastics, Inc located in Aurora, IL offers plastic CNC Milling and Turning, Protoype and Design Assistance for OEMs, as well as Reverse Engineering for MRO parts. They have a long history working with the chemical, medical, construction, food & beverage, packaging, printing, transportation, and filtration projects.

Metcam, Inc
Metcam specializes in sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, punching, stamping, and metal finishing services. Their primary focus is on the air filtration, electronic controls, fire prevention, food services, HVAC, satellite communications, and telecommunications

Van Nuys Plating
Van Nuys Plating provides plating services to the Los Angeles, CA area. They provide Electroless Nickel, Chrome, Cadmium, Zinc, and Black oxide plating of various metals. Their customer base consists of aerospace, architecture, military, medical, electronics, telecommunication, restoration, and movie studio projects.

PDM Foam
PDM Foam offers custom packaging solutions based on your designs. Their focus is on polyurethane, polypropylene, polystyrene, and polyethylene molded protective packaging and inserts.