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About The Navigator Platform

The Navigator Platform was developed specifically for the online needs of the industrial business.

By providing a central location for all of your product, service and pricing information, the Navigator Platform simplifies your extremely complex information and allows for easy online, offline and syndication use.

  • Content Management System: The Navigator Platform allows you to control all aspects of your product content and service capability information. Through simple category, product, and item organization, the tools allow you to make changes at all levels and add, update, or delete content. Additional functionality allows you to create upsell and promotional groups and associate them with a timed display or cross sell with the appropriate product. These tools allow you to control all of your data without the need for a third party.

  • Content Indexing: All of your content is created and published to allow for indexing by the search engines. An XML sitemap of your Navigator content is delivered to Google automatically each time you publish your data. With the tools you have the ability to control all meta data for every page of product and service content on your site.

  • e-Commerce: The Navigator Platform allows you to provide pricing for the general public and for your return customers. Databases of all of your orders and RFQs are created and accessible online at all times. Orders can be processed offline or through real time credit card processing (RTCC).

  • Search Technology: Your content in the Navigator Platform can be accessed in several ways. Users can perform a keyword or part number search to locate their desired item. Alternatively, the user can perform a more advanced search by selecting important specifications about the product they are interested in and getting a list of products that fulfill their criteria. Finally, users can construct the exact product that they need by configuring the part online. They can then submit this to you for pricing and additional information. No matter which path the user chooses, he can find the information needed to move forward in the buying process.

  • Production Staff: The Navigator Platform production staff that will create and populate your product or service information are all degreed engineers. With Mechanical, Electrical, RF, Civil, Industrial, and Materials engineers on hand to work on your project, the complex elements of your products or services will be understood and communicated correctly online.

  • Annual Technology Updates: We constantly update the Navigator Platform with new and improved functionality. The development of these features is based on customer and user feedback, as well as market and Search Engine changes. By choosing the Navigator Platform, your technology base will always be up to date.

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